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Ask a dentist in Armadale: healthy vs unhealthy tongues

Good oral health goes beyond your teeth – it also includes looking after your gums and tongue too!

Taking good care of your tongue is essential in maintaining good oral health. 

People who ignore their tongues face a higher risk of suffering from bad breath and other dental […]

By | November 7th, 2019|Oral health|0 Comments

Our dentist in Armadale shares 5 common cosmetic dental procedures

Want a brighter, shinier smile? Of course you do!

Little wonder our dentist in Armadale fields so many questions about cosmetic dental procedures from our patients!

Don’t worry, there’s no need to feel like you’re being vain! A shiny white smile has plenty of other proven […]

An Armadale dentist explains the importance of healthy gums

Oral health, for most of us, typically means taking care of our teeth.

Little known fact, however: oral health is much more than that!

Good oral health encompasses everything in your mouth – and that includes healthy gums.

Over the years, our Armadale dentist has […]

By | September 27th, 2019|Dental treatment, Emergency dentist, Oral health|0 Comments

Our dentist in Armadale explains modern dental fillings

Dental fillings (otherwise referred to as amalgams) are the most common type of restorative dental procedure performed by our dentist in Armadale.

Up until 15 years ago, Amalgam or gold inlays were the material of choice for dental fillings.

Nowadays however, […]

By | August 29th, 2019|Dental treatment, Emergency dentist, Oral health|0 Comments

Learn the right way to brush from your Armadale dentist

When it comes to your oral health, regularly brushing your teeth is your number 1 defence against tooth decay and other oral health problems. It’s crucial that you brush in order to look after your teeth.

But are you brushing your teeth the right way?

Our Armadale dental […]

By | August 8th, 2019|Oral health|0 Comments

Our dentists in Armadale explain why these 4 dental fads don’t work

Just like we have fad diets, there are also many dental fads out there.

If you ask our dentists in Armadale, the best way to look after your teeth is with regular brushing, flossing and a healthy diet.

And if the goal is to restore your […]

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How to get your kids to brush: 6 tips from a dentist in Armadale

“Eat your veggies!”

“Wash your hands!”

“Do your homework!”

As any parent knows, there are some things that are almost impossible to convince your kids to do.

And one of the most important? Brushing their teeth!

How many times have you tried to convince your children to brush […]

By | July 9th, 2019|Children, Dentist, Oral health|0 Comments

Ask a dentist in Armadale: how much toothpaste do you REALLY need?

How much toothpaste do you put on your toothbrush?

Chances are, you probably use an amount similar to the photo above, or possibly even more than that, covering your toothbrush with a thick layer of toothpaste. After all, that’s what’s shown on the box and the TV ads.

Here’s the thing, […]

By | June 27th, 2019|Dentist, Oral health|0 Comments

What does a dental hygienist do? An Armadale dentist explains!

“There’s no ‘I’ in team.”

Nowhere is this truer than your local dental practice. While the dentist may be the one that gets name-checked, the truth is that oral health is a team effort.

Without the rest of their team backing them up, your local dentist wouldn’t be able to give […]

By | May 29th, 2019|Dentist, Oral health|0 Comments
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