Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly Dentist In Armadale

Dental Care Group is a dental practice committed to making every effort to be green.

Out high-tech dental clinic in Armadale uses the latest procedures, technology, and materials to promote environmental health as well as oral health! We work to reduce our carbon footprint through the following approaches:

Environmentally friendly dentist in Armadale


We recycle and reuse as many pieces of equipment and supply as practically possible.

Reusable products

If there is a choice to buy disposable versus re-usable, we buck the dental trend and purchase re-usable. At no stage do we compromise the health and well being of our patients or ourselves, but reducing our footprintRead Less
of waste products and non-recyclable plastic is something we are passionate about. Sometimes it is simply a choice between one product and another. We have found that if you are a looking for the correct products, you will often find them!

Cloud-based technology

Dental Care Group has committed to cloud-based software and documentation as much as possible. The concept uses much less paper and requires less printing, both of which are integral to our green philosophy.Read Less
We are also working towards email receipts, which will also help you save document printing and keep storage and filing neater. Of course, we can always print your statements upon request. We believe little things like saving shredded paper and donating these to pet shops for their pet cages, although relatively minor, are great ways to incrementally go green. We welcome any suggestions you may have to improve our footprint.

Benefits of “green” dentistry