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Embarrassed by your cracked or chipped teeth?

Can’t bring yourself to smile anymore because of a crooked tooth?

Has every whitening brand you’ve tried failed to give you the results that you want?

If you’re caught in one of these situations, then a dentist in Glen Iris can help you out!

General Dentist Armadale

Emergency dentist Glen Iris

Bleeding gums are not normal, so if you’re experiencing red, raw, and bleeding gums each time you brush, your best bet is to arrange an appointment with an emergency dentist in Glen Iris.

Proper oral hygiene prevents inflamed gums from happening.

If ignored, painful bleeding gums can lead to plaque build-up, gum disease, and even loose teeth. Prevent gum disease with a proper oral hygiene routine, including thorough yet gentle brushing, flossing, and most importantly, regular check-ups with your local dentist.

If you learn only one thing today, let it be this: do not ignore the early signs of infected or bleeding gums!

Contact your emergency dentist in Glen Iris today on (03) 9509 1500 if you’re suffering from red, inflamed, or bleeding gums. Alternatively, book an appointment online. New patients welcome!

Cosmetic dentist Glen Iris

If you want to restore or enhance your teeth’s natural appearance, you might consider crowns or veneers to improve the shape, colour and spaces of your teeth.

Crowns encase an entire tooth, masking any cracks, decay or chips. Your dentist in Glen Iris can also uses crowns to strengthen a weak tooth. Best of all, crowns can easily last a lifetime.

Veneers on the hand are a thin layer of porcelain, typically used to cover the front of a tooth. Patients whose pearly whites aren’t spaced properly or have slight cracks are ideal candidates for this treatment.

Dental clinic near Glen Iris

Unsure whether veneers or crowns are right for you? Let a Glen Iris dentist help you determine the best solution for your needs!

Our state-of-the-art dental clinic is fully-equipped to take care of all aspects of your oral hygiene and dental wellbeing.

Whether you need regular dental check-ups or are after high-end cosmetic dentistry, your Glen Iris dentist provides the best service possible!

  • General and emergency dentistry
  • Hygiene Preventive Programs
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Endodontic / root canal treatment
  • Cosmetic dentistry

Best of all, our clinic is conveniently located on Wattletree Road in Armadale, opposite Malvern Central.

Don’t put off your next trip to the dentist – book online now or call us on (03) 9509 1500 for unrivalled oral health care.

Give us a ring on our 24/7 dental emergency hotline for immediate dental advice from our principal dentist, Dr Zelman Lew, or book an appointment online today. Got any questions, or prefer to chat? Call us: (03) 9509 1500.