General Dentistry

General dentistry encompasses a variety of dental treatments for patients of all ages.

For optimum oral health, we recommend that you visit your dentist every six months.

Regular check-ups are one of the best ways to prevent teeth and gum problems. During a check-up we inspect your gums and teeth for any signs of plaque build-up, infection, or other oral issues. Book an appointment with your local Armadale dentist for a check-up of your dental health.

Read on to find out more about specific dental treatments.

General Treatments
at our Armadale Dental Clinic


Periodontitis is perhaps more commonly known as gum disease. There is a strong link between gum health and overall health so it’s important that we keep our gums healthy.

Symptoms that may indicate gum disease include:


Gingivitis is known as the earlier stage of gum disease. It can occur when plaque builds on the teeth. Gingivitis can manifest into periodontitis if it is not treated.

TM joint pain and bruxism

The first indications of this problem are generally:

The above symptoms can often be confused with a tooth issue.

Most people know if they grind or clench their teeth, but there are also those who are not aware.

By simply wearing a splint, not only are teeth protected, but headache and other pains may be relieved, too.

Sport mouth guards

Almost half of all children experience some sort of dental injury, therefore it is tremendously important to protect their teeth, jaws, and other facial structures. Some injuries sustained in sports can lead to prolonged and expensive treatments that may have been prevented by a customised mouthguard.

Junior mouth guards are ideal for youngsters who need to upgrade their mouthguards every other year (as their teeth change from baby to adult)

Deluxe laminated mouth guards (upper jaw only) are usually reserved for Aussie Rules, soccer, and basketball (upper jaw only), and boxing (upper and lower jaws).

Wisdom teeth

Did you know that wisdom teeth issues can occur at any age? Generally, wisdom teeth issues are dealt with by their removal. At Dental Care Group we are set up to take the appropriate x-rays and can provide you with the right wisdom teeth solution.


While many people will experience pain as their wisdom teeth come through, there are some who will not. That’s why a wisdom teeth assessment is so important – even if you experience no pain, an assessment will uncover whether your teeth are at risk and if wisdom teeth must be removed.

Investigations are generally centred on a dental x-ray.


Sleep apnoea and snoring

Snoring disturbs the sleep of not only an individual, but their partner, too! Good quality sleep is important to overall health and wellbeing, and if it’s constantly interrupted, it can have a severe impact on day-to-day concentration and energy levels.

Further, snoring may be a sign of mild to moderate sleep apnoea. A device can be constructed to wear during sleep hours to both aid in the treatment of snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnoea.

Benefits of our sleep apnoea aid