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What to look for in a dentist if you have dental phobia

Are you delaying your next dental appointment because of your anxiety seeing a dentist?

Despite this, you need regular check-ups to make sure that your oral health is in order at all times.

If you are enduring a toothache or a sensitive tooth, then such dental emergencies need the expertise of a dentist in Armadale straight away.

No […]

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What are the types and benefits of cosmetic dentistry?

Dreaming of a healthy, bright, white smile and beautiful teeth?

It is possible!

If you’ve lost confidence in showing your smile because of any crooked, stained, or missing teeth, then we invite you to learn more about cosmetic dental treatments in Armadale.

If you think that having bright, white teeth is only for the elite, then you […]

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What are dental veneers and how can they help you?

Are you dealing with a chipped or damaged tooth? Hesitate to show off your smile due to discoloured teeth?

Instead of hiding away your smile, there’s always a better solution.

Our cosmetic dentists in Armadale will help you restore your teeth and enhance your smile with our range of cosmetic solutions, one of which you might be […]

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A natural look: cosmetic fillings in front of your teeth

A lot of people have fillings in their back teeth.

But what about in your front ones?

If you feel uneasy whenever you smile, or find yourself avoiding conversation and group photos thanks to issues with your front teeth, we have good news: there are options!

So what do you […]

Our dentist in Armadale shares 5 ways to manage sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth can be tough to manage. You have to wait for your coffee to cool down, you struggle to eat ice cream, and acidic foods like citrus food make your mouth sting.

Tooth sensitivity is a common cause of discomfort and pain for many people. It can also stop you from […]

Fit for a king: our cosmetic dentist in Armadale talks dental crowns

Damaged your tooth? Worried you’ll never be able to smile again? Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, you can keep your teeth looking clean, healthy and strong – even after damage.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to eliminate the pain that comes with living with broken or cracked teeth!

Cosmetic dentistry […]

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An Armadale dentist answers dental implant FAQs

According to some studies, oral health problems are directly related to negative emotions.

The worst type of outcome with regards to mental health? Tooth loss.

Just put yourself in their shoes. Lose a tooth, and you might also:

  • Feel anxious […]

Can my broken tooth be saved? An Armadale dentist explains!

A crack, followed by a sharp pain – these are the usual signs of a broken tooth, often arising from one of these situations:

  • Munching on nuts
  • Eating your favourite hard foods or sweets
  • Falling or being hit
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Our dentist in Armadale shares 5 common cosmetic dental procedures

Want a brighter, shinier smile? Of course you do!

Little wonder our dentist in Armadale fields so many questions about cosmetic dental procedures from our patients!

Don’t worry, there’s no need to feel like you’re being vain! A shiny white smile has plenty of other proven […]

An Armadale dentist shares what you need to know about teeth whitening

Have you ever gone to take a selfie, only to be disheartened with your smile?

It’s not a pleasant feeling, that’s for sure!

A whiter smile is more than a good look – it’s also a huge boost to one’s confidence.

It can help eliminate that uneasy feeling that comes […]

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