Restorative Dentistry

The process of repairing teeth is called restorative dentistry. Teeth can become damaged through decay or trauma and it is important to repair them so they return to their normal function.

By repairing or restoring teeth, we can prevent further decay and even infection, eliminating the need for root canal treatment.

With our comprehensive range of cosmetic treatments, we can soon have your teeth functioning and looking beautiful. There are always several solutions to every problem and our team has many years of experience in solving dental issues. Book an appointment today.

Below you can find out more about some of the most common restorative treatments we offer at our Armadale dental clinic.

Teeth Restoration Armadale

How can you restore my tooth?

There are a number of lifestyle choices and habits that affect the colour of our teeth. Some of the most common causes of yellow teeth are:

At Dental Care Group, we use aesthetic and durable composite resin fillings to almost invisibly restore your tooth.

Small defects and chips or eroded and worn down teeth can be restored with tooth coloured composite resin fillings or “white” fillings.

This procedure conserves all sound tooth structure and can be ready for eating with straight away. We recommend the use of local anaesthetic, so you can be comfortable during the process. Contact our cosmetic dentist Armadale for more information.

Amalgam removal

Silver amalgam, although once popular, is a treatment of the past at Dental Care Group. As such, safe amalgam removal and replacement is a popular restorative treatment.

Old amalgams are generally replaced with either a tooth coloured composite resin restoration, or a cast porcelain restoration if the amount of missing tooth is too great.

Your new composite or cast porcelain restoration will be very durable and should give many years of service as long as the tooth is cleaned well and your diet is sound.

Teeth Restoration Armadale

Have you broken a piece of your tooth?

If you have broken off a substantial piece of your tooth or you have a large cavity, Dental Care Group will assess it and provide the right fix.

Depending on the amount of missing tooth, we will assess the breakage visually and sometimes with an x-ray.

If more than 40% of your tooth is missing, we may need to fix your tooth with a porcelain crown or inlay. If it is less than 40% damaged, we may be able to fix it directly with a durable white composite filling.