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High end cosmetic dentistry

From teeth whitening to veneers and crowns, choose Dental Care Group for high quality and beautiful cosmetic dentistry.


Dr Zelman’s practice is a brand new facility with only the latest and most up-to-date technology available. Book an appointment with us today.

Highly qualified team​

Dr Zelman has built a professional dental team with outstanding qualifications and experience. Click here to meet the team!

25+ Years' experience​

With more than 25 years’ experience, you’re in safe hands with principal dentist and clinic owner Dr Zelman Lew. Find out more about Dr Lew here.

Digital X-rays

Our digital x-rays allow us to assess you as quickly as possible without any additional waiting time to understand the issue.​

Dental Care Group – Dentist Armadale

A dentist understands that
oral health goes beyond a smile!

From regular consultations to various tooth treatments including fillings, root canal, and implants, Dental Care Group provides its patients with outstanding care, education, and communication.

Dental Care Group’s principal, Dr Zelman Lew, an experienced dentist himself, brings more than 25 years of experience to his brand new dental clinic in Armadale. 

Our team also includes experienced dental hygiene specialists who bring years specialist hygiene treatments to the table.

Together, we’re able to guarantee healthier teeth and shinier smiles!

Dr Lew and his team are focused on prevention through education, maximising your dental benefits, providing practical dental services and advice that will help you maintain a healthy mouth and better smile!

Female dentist Armadale dental care

Armadale’s best family dentist!

In addition to general dentistry for the whole family, our experienced team also offer a huge range of high-end dental treatments, including:

We welcome all members of the family at our clinic, from tiny tots to senior citizens. Our experienced team keep your teeth shiny, clean and most importantly, healthy!

Regular check-ups are also recommended to maintain optimal oral health, ensuring that your dental care remains consistent and effective across calendar years.

Organise your first consultation today. Visit our new dental clinic in Armadale and meet Dr Lew and the team – new patients of all ages are welcome!

In addition to general dentistry for the whole family, our experienced team also offer a huge range of high-end dental treatments, including:

Emergency dentist Armadale

Chipped a tooth? Suffering from a toothache? Bleeding gums? Dental Care Group can help! We’re proud to offer our emergency dentist services to support you 24/7 for you dental care needs. What counts as a dental emergency? If you ask us, anything that causes pain in your teeth, ranging from accidents to severe dental decay.

When you call us for emergency dentistry, you can be confident that:

Cosmetic dentist Armadale

We know how important a shiny white smile is. Not only is it a sign of a healthy mouth, but it’s key to making a good first impression and a major confidence-booster to boot!

Unhappy with your smile? You’ll be pleased to know that cosmetic dentistry has come a long way since dentures. At Dental Care Group, we offer a wide range of dental procedures that restore the appearance and in many cases, function of your teeth. This includes:

Find out how we can get you your smile back – give your local dental team a call on (03) 9509 1500 today.


I have just finished treatment for a complex dental issue with the Dental care group. I am grateful for the care, professionalism and support I received from everyone involved to see through my treatment which has been a success. Thank you. Mara
Mara Heffner
Mara Heffner
9 August 2022
Dr Lew was there for me when my my tooth was aching. He was compassionate and caring performed an excellent root canal capped of with a custom porcelain crown. He explained each step of the procedure and included me in the decision making process. I am very pleased with my result. Appointment times at the clinic we’re flexible too. Would recommend
Brett Sacks
Brett Sacks
5 July 2022
Very pleased with my root canal and crown by Dr Zelman Lew. My previous dentist misdiagnosed me the day before my first appointment with Dental Care Group and I presented with a lot of pain and anxiety. From the moment I entered the clinic I noticed a remarkable difference in the experience and have not looked back. Dr Lew determined the appropriate course of treatment and to my relief I was able to keep my tooth with minimal discomfort. Staff are professional and friendly, always ensure you are comfortable. Dr Lew has great bedside manner and attention to detail. Things are clearly explained to allow for informed decisions, which I appreciate. Very happy patient of dental care group, highly recommend!
16 April 2022
I would like to leave a review for Dr Lew and staff. A terrific place where everyone is very friendly! Dr Lew looks after my entire family and is always available. Great staff
Rhonda Margulies
Rhonda Margulies
23 February 2022
I would like to leave a review for Dr Zelman Lew and his entire team. Dr Lew has been my dentist for over 30 years and has always provided great service and great dentistry. Dr Lew's team are fabulous and very accommodating. If I ever have a problem, Dr Lew and the team are always there for me. Five stars at the very least
Eleanor Rajch
Eleanor Rajch
22 February 2022
I find Dr Zelman Lew to be a very professional dentist. I have been a patient of his for many years. His punctuality is much appreciated. Parking is never a problem. The dental care I have received over the years is second to none. His practice is always very clean and his level of hygiene is five star. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a caring and competent dentist.
Robyn Winograd
Robyn Winograd
22 February 2022

State-of-the-art Armadale Dental Clinic

It’s not just our team that sets us apart – our high-tech dental clinic in Armadale is full of the latest in dental technology.
This allows us to better diagnose and treat your unique dental problems.
Dentist Armadale

For many restorative procedures, we use advanced digital x-rays to examine your teeth. This allows us to perform a top-to-bottom analysis of your teeth, from the crowns to the teeth roots.

Armed with this technology, we figure out exactly what’s wrong with your teeth, and what needs to be done to fix it.

Dentist Armadale patient

Our clinic also uses new treatments such as sleep dentistry to ease the anxiety that comes with a trip to the dentist.

Sleep dentistry doesn’t actually put you to sleep; instead, in induces a state of drowsiness and total relaxation, ensuring a calm and pleasant dental experience.

patient at Dental clinic Armadale, Vic

At Dental Care Group, we understand that when it comes to your teeth, you want to experience a seamless treatment and enjoy natural-looking results.

That’s why we’re so proud of our restorative dental procedures – they’re virtually indistinguishable from natural, healthy teeth!