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Learn the right way to brush from your Malvern dentist

right way to brush - malvern dentist

When it comes to your oral health, regularly brushing your teeth is your number 1 defence against tooth decay and other oral health problems. It’s crucial that you brush in order to look after your teeth.

But are you brushing your teeth the right way?

Our Malvern dental clinic has seen it far too many times. A patient comes in with a major oral health problem, despite brushing every day!

Unsure if you’re doing it properly? Fret not – today, the team at our Malvern dental clinic will be showing you what you should be doing when it comes to brushing your teeth.

We’ve put together a quick list of the best brushing techniques to help you maintain a healthy and bright smile!

Brush before or after breakfast? Our Malvern dentist explains

All of us have gotten into the routine of brushing in the morning and at night. It’s been drilled into each of us from an early age.

The real debate is over whether you should brush as soon as you wake up or after you’ve had your breakfast!

Today, the experts from Dental Care Group put the argument to rest once and for all.

Long story short: it doesn’t matter, but for most people, before is easier – no way you’re going to forget it if it’s the first thing you do!

If you plan on sticking to brushing after breakfast, we recommend thoroughly rinsing out your mouth first before brushing – doubly so if your breakfast contains food that’s high in carbohydrates and sugar.

This is because these foods “feed” the bacteria in your mouth, speeding up the production of bacteria in your mouth. We strongly recommend brushing your teeth within 20 minutes of eating.

However if you have eaten anything acidic then you want to wait at least 30 minutes before you brush.

This is because acidity weakens your teeth and you can actually damage your teeth if your brush them when they are weak!

How’s your brushing technique?

Now for the next question: are you using the proper brushing technique?

If you want to reach all the surfaces of your teeth, you’ll need to start brushing your teeth with a dentist approved technique – in particular, one that allows you to reach all of the pits and fissures.

Here are a couple of pointers to get you started…

When brushing your side teeth

  • Make sure you are positioning your toothbrush so that it is parallel to your teeth and the brush is pointing towards your teeth
  • Tilt your brush to a 45 degree angle and direct your brush towards your gums
  • Firmly rotate the brush back and forth over your teeth in a circular motion
  • Once you have completed roughly 20 circular rotations along one side of your teeth, move your brush to the other side of the tooth and repeat
  • Continue you this method on the opposite side of your mouth

When brushing your front teeth

  • Angle your tooth brush vertically 
  • Brush in an up down and motion along your front teeth, not a side-to-side motion, as this misses the gaps in-between
  • Don’t forget to flip your toothbrush around and brush the inside of your front teeth

And while you’re in the bathroom, don’t forget to brush your tongue either! This is a common thing many people overlook, but it’s so important to brush your tongue, as it also hosts a lot of bacteria.

Learn more about common mistakes made while brushing.

What should you do if you have gaps or gum recessions?

Sometimes we just don’t have teeth that we are happy with. Whether due to a poor diet, inadequate dental care or accident, you have a gum recession.

In these cases, you need a special brushing technique:

  1. Position your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle toward the crown of the tooth. NOTE: this is the opposite of the previous brushing technique.
  2. You want to gently rotate the brush in circular motions OR back and forth. 
  3. Repeat step 2 until you have completed 15 -20 tooth brush motions

Are you using the right tools?

It’s not enough to brush – in addition to brushing at the right time and using the proper technique, it’s also important that you use the right tools.

In particular, we’re talking about toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Armadale dental clinic

Choosing the right toothpaste

Every day your teeth go through a process of demineralisation and remineralisation. Your teeth lose minerals as the day progresses (demineralisation) when acids attack the enamel. 

Remineralisation is when these minerals are added back into your enamel, strengthening your teeth.

The next time you’re in the personal hygiene aisle of the supermarket, look over all the different toothpaste boxes until you see the word “fluoride”.

Essentially, fluoride is a mineral that’s responsible for strengthening and rebuilding your enamel, forming a protective layer around it and insulating your teeth against damage.

Choosing the right toothbrush

If you ask us, everyone should be using an electric toothbrush.

The reason is simple: electric toothbrushes are hands-down the superior option when it comes to brushing your teeth.

Not only do they do a lot of the work for you, but their power rotation also does a better job of helping to loosen plaque.

Of course, if you have sensitive teeth, you’ll need to pay particular attention to the electric toothbrush you buy, as buying one that’s too powerful can cause pain.

We suggest visiting an Malvern dentist, who can provide heads with soft bristles, and can help you choose an electric toothbrush with variable power settings.

Overdue for your dental check-ups? Call our Malvern dentist ASAP!

While brushing may be the most important part of maintaining your dental health, getting regular check-ups at your dentist is just as important.

Has it been a while since you saw your dentist? We strongly recommend booking in as soon as you can!

Our team at the Dental Care Group is committed to providing high-quality dentistry to all our patients.

We understand that a lot of our patients find the experience of going to the dentist a little worrisome. That’s why we put an emphasis on both listening to you and creating an environment that’s supportive and welcoming.

And it’s not just dental hygiene, either – our Malvern dental clinic offers a wide range of services:

If you’re in need of a dental care then you can count on Dental Care Group – you can book your appointment online here.

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