Toothache Dentist Armadale
Can’t bear the pain of a toothache? You don’t have to face it alone! Dental Care Group is a dentist in Armadale that can provide immediate relief and the right solution to heal an aching tooth.

Emergency dentist for toothache relief

Why do I have a toothache?

A toothache can be caused by a tooth infection, gum infection or trauma. Left untreated, the pain can worsen, and toothache can become quite unbearable. Ignoring the pain might only make things worse, or indeed might affect your general health and well-being.

Toothache is nature’s way of warning you that something is not right. Sometimes, the warning can be timely and a fix or repair might be easy and inexpensive. Unfortunately, toothache can also be a consequence of a more severe issue, that might require a more difficult fix.

Failure to take care of your teeth increases the chance of developing toothache. Failing to visit your dentist every six months increases the risk of a small problem developing into bigger problem or severe toothache.

Regular dental visits teamed with a thorough and consistent dental hygiene routine promotes healthy teeth, gums, and overall health!

We’re committed to delivering exceptional after-care support and a listening ear to patient concerns. We make sure you’ll feel a fun, caring and friendly atmosphere for all your dental treatment needs.

Toothache patient Emergency Dentist Armadale
Toothache Dentist Armadale

You need an emergency dentist!

This dental emergency doesn’t have to keep you in trouble: Dental Care Group is always ready to help you 24/7. We deliver excellent service from our experienced and friendly team plus Dr Zelman Lew, our principal emergency dentist Armadale can be reached even out of hours.

Got a concern? Call us anytime! (03) 9509 1500

You need an emergency dentist!

Don’t let your minor toothache become a major problem!

We provide the best quality care, patient communication and complete dentistry treatments exactly what you need. We find the core of your toothache problem and give you the right dental treatment.

Our state-of-the-art Armadale dental clinic is filled with the latest technology while our educated and innovative team has the right solution to stop your aching tooth and solve your oral problems.

Book an appointment with Dental Care Group today!

Toothache Dentist Armadale