Your First Appointment

Your First Appointment At Our Armadale Dental Clinic

Dental Care Group provides hygiene and dental care for the entire family! From children young and old to their parents and even their grandparents, our goal is to provide excellent treatment in a fun and caring environment.

It’s up to you whether you include a treatment during your first appointment with us, or you’d rather come in for an initial consultation only.

This is the perfect opportunity to meet our team and our principal dentist, Dr Zelman Lew. Here, we’ll discuss any concerns or questions you may have about your oral health.

Your first appointment at our Armadale Dental Clinic

Baby’s first dental appointment

Babies begin teething from around three months old, so it’s generally recommended that baby’s first dentist visit comes within a few months of their first tooth, and no later than their first birthday.

Our hygiene department loves seeing these very young ones and their parents to discuss how to care for these new teeth, and to discuss the benefits of the right diet.

Dental health in babies is much more than just their teeth. Thumb, teeth, and dummy sucking habits can be discussed, as well as methodology on their eventual cessation. Remember, baby teeth are like a set of “living braces”, holding space and making space for permanent teeth. They are very important – so get in touch with an Armadale dentist that understands this.

Instil great habits from an early age – your children will thank you!

Unsure if you should book baby’s first appointment? Organise an obligation-free consultation!

Your First Appointment At Our Armadale Dental Clinic

Nervous patients

Our Armadale dentist understand that many people are plagued with nerves when it comes to visiting the dentist. As such, your comfort, as well as full disclosure through each and every appointment, is our key priority.

We will never pressure you to make a decision and are always ready to answer your questions or address your concerns.

With a passion grounded in quality consultation and education, Dr Zelman’s patients rely on him to offer comprehensive information on oral health, hygiene, and care.

We may use nitrous oxide sedation (perhaps better known as “happy gas”!) to treat anxious patients. Happy gas is suitable for almost all patients and is ideal for those who feel nervous or anxious. It creates a feeling of euphoria and puts you in a dream-like state.

The use of premedication can be very helpful. Additionally, we are accredited for sleep dentistry sessions that can be arranged to resolve bigger issues.

Renewing your confidence

Dr Zelman and the team can renew your smile and restore your confidence! Sympathetic advice helps not only to improve the function or health of your mouth, but the aesthetic, too! Book your first appointment to discuss your concerns.