Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses specifically on the dental pulp.

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Endodontics and root canal treatment Armadale

Root canal treatment

The nerve or pulp inside of a tooth extends from the crown of the tooth to the tips of the roots.

It contains blood vessels and nerves that allow us to feel temperature in food and drinks. Although the nerve of the tooth is important for development, once the tooth has matured it can survive without it.

Bacteria associated with deep and large fillings, decay, trauma, cracks or fractures may damage the nerve irreversibly and may result in inflammation or infection. Untreated, abscess formation and or pain will result.

Endodontics Dentist Armadale
Endodontics Dentist Armadale

The signs of a damaged nerve include:

Sometimes there are no signs or symptoms and the diagnosis of the problem might be by x-ray.

Following root canal therapy by our dentist in Armadale, the tooth and surrounding tissues will return to health.

Why do we take x-rays during root canal therapy?

As the tooth is buried under the gum line, we cannot visualise the roots and therefore x-rays are required. We take x-rays during root canal therapy to check different treatment stages.

Our digital x-rays require far less radiation than conventional analogue film and developer. Further, we place a lead apron over the torso for each and every dental x-ray.

Is every root canal successful?

We believe that root canal treatment should only be completed if there is a good chance it will last a long time.

It is difficult to guarantee that a therapy will succeed, but a 95% success rate is achievable if the tooth is considered to be a favourable candidate and the technique is sound.

Healing around the jawbone can be slow and the tooth will need to be reviewed in time to assess the healing of the surrounding tissues.