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What to look for in a dentist if you have dental phobia

Are you delaying your next dental appointment because of your anxiety seeing a dentist?

Despite this, you need regular check-ups to make sure that your oral health is in order at all times.

If you are enduring a toothache or a sensitive tooth, then such dental emergencies need the expertise of a dentist in Armadale straight away.

No […]

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5 reasons why you need a family dentist in Armadale

Are you constantly having to book overdue or delayed dental appointments for each member of the family?

Are you trying to convince a stubborn family member to go to the dentist?

Or are you fighting your fear of seeing a dentist yourself?

Luckily for you, there’s a family dentist in Armadale who can help you and your […]

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How to find an emergency dentist on the weekends near me

No one wants to deal with dental emergencies – particularly over the weekends.

You’ve probably planned your weekend to be as relaxing and stress-free as possible, but as it turns out, that’s hard to do when you’re suffering from a throbbing toothache or red, sore, and tender gums!

So, how do you find a local

By | July 22nd, 2021|Dentist, Emergency dentist, Toothache|0 Comments

6 signs tooth pain is serious – and why you need urgent dental care

Tooth pain – not again! 

There’s nothing more frustrating – and painful – than dealing with sharp and throbbing pain in your mouth. Not only does it disrupt your daily routine, but oftentimes it requires urgent dental treatments.

From sudden tooth pain to that dull throbbing every time you chew, tooth […]

Our emergency dentist is available throughout Christmas!

Dental emergencies can happen anytime – and that includes during the Christmas holidays – probably one of the worst times possible (say goodbye to all that Christmas food!)

One day you’re feasting with family, the next day you’re dealing with a toothache, infection or a broken tooth. 

No one wants to […]

Will an emergency dentist in Armadale do wisdom tooth removal?

Wisdom tooth removal is a rite of passage – also,it may be completely unnecessary.

We’ve talked before about some of the myths of wisdom tooth removal – one of the most prevalent of which is the myth that ALL wisdom teeth must be removed.  Rather, it is […]

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Will an emergency dentist do root canal?

Do you long for a time when drinking hot tea or eating cold ice cream didn’t result in stinging pain?

The tingling pain that comes with sensitive teeth is frustrating, and can force you to change your diet. Luckily, it’s something that a dentist in Armadale can […]

An Armadale dentist explains how hormones impact oral health

Hormones and oral health aren’t exactly two things that most people put together.

In our Armadale dentist’s experience however, there’s considerable overlap between the two!

It may surprise you to learn that hormonal fluctuations and changes are tied to your oral health, with regular fluctuations linked […]

Our Armadale dentist shares 6 ways smoking harms your oral health

Smoking kills: from emphysema and other chronic pulmonary diseases to heart disease and lung cancer, everyone knows the risks that smoking poses to your health.

One harmful aspect of smoking and tobacco use that many overlook? Its potential to harm your oral health.

In Australia alone, it’s believed that about

5 ways to get stubborn family members to your Armadale dentist!

Struggling to get your family to go to an overdue dental appointment? 

Has the mere mention of the “D-word” led to tantrums from certain family members? (Adults included!)

We’re certain that those of us with kids – as well as some of us with stubborn spouses – can relate!

All […]

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