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How to improve your children’s dental health and eating habits

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The eating habits and dental care of kids and teenagers should always be a priority. Remember when you were a kid and your parents stopped you from eating foods they deemed as unhealthy, and scare tactics like rotting teeth or even teeth that fall out? They certainly made their point! Those principles still apply today, as the food that your children eat can have a direct impact on their oral health. The mouth, gums, and teeth play an important role in your chewing and swallowing. That\’s why teeth always need to be taken care of. Our dentist in Armadale shares some recommendations of healthy foods and drinks for kids and teenagers as well as why dental care is so important for children.

What is oral health care and why is it important?

Instilling good oral health care habits in children by brushing and flossing will help them maintain these good habits through to adulthood. Along with good hygiene habits comes good diet and food choices, too. Here are more reasons why you need to take care of your child\’s oral health while they are still young.

Developmental years are key

Children should be highly encouraged to take care of their oral health. Young children have a set of teeth that develop up until adolescence and they need to maintain good oral hygiene by taking care of their mouth, teeth, and gums. Educating kids early helps them to learn and understand how important their oral health is, and simply makes it easier to transform these actions into daily habits. Good oral health habits include proper brushing, flossing, eating well, and visiting the dentist regularly. Choosing the right family dentist in Armadale calms any anxieties that your kids may have so that they feel at ease on the dentist chair.

Upkeeps permanent teeth

“Permanent teeth” include central incisors, lateral incisors, premolars, canines, and molars and replace your baby teeth, which generally fall out between the ages of 6-10. Since permanent teeth can carry bacteria that attack enamel, good oral health care is a must to ensure that there is proper tooth spacing and no decay while permanent teeth begin to grow. Parents will always be the number one influencer for children in teaching them proper oral health care. This starts from supervising toothbrushing and preparing healthy food and drinks to make sure they are getting enough nutrients for their energy, growth, and oral health care. dental

Maintains healthy teeth and gums

Once their permanent teeth arrive, proper oral health care is a must to keep healthy teeth and gums from tooth decay and other oral health problems. Speak to your local dental clinic in Armadale if you suspect your child might be suffering from inflamed gums or tooth pain, particularly why eating, drinking, and even sleeping.

Gain full confidence in smiling and talking

Self esteem will always be reliant on good oral health care. Your teeth always create a first and lasting impression that gives a long-term positive impact on others. If your child has crooked and yellowish teeth or bad breath, it may decrease their confidence and will eventually make them feel nervous in talking to other people in public. This is why eating healthy foods and drinks and early dental visits to a dentist in Caulfield can solve any gum and teeth problems early on.

How can I strengthen my child\’s teeth?

Unhealthy eating and drinking can weaken teeth and gums and can even cause gum disease. What you eat determines your overall oral health. That\’s why proper nutrition is important to achieve healthier teeth and gums. Foods and drinks that are good for kids and teenagers create fewer risks of acquiring health problems such as obesity, cavities, and other periodontal diseases.

Healthy foods for kids and teenagers

Promoting good oral health care in children and teenagers starts at home, and keeping their teeth healthy depends on proper nutrition. Try to avoid sugary food and drink and buy foods high in fibre and nutrients. Here are some food recommendations that your child can eat to keep them healthy.

Foods high in fibre

If you\’re looking for a healthy snack, make high fibre vegetables and fruits, like apples, a part of your child\’s diet. Not only do fruits like apples remove plaque, but they’re also a good source of vitamin C and other nutrients that protects your child\’s teeth from bacterial infection and cell damage. Make it a habit to buy healthy snacks for your kids, like fruits rich in fibre that can be peeled, and sliced wherever you are.


Dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt are good sources of calcium and phosphorus that can protect your tooth\’s enamel. Plain yogurt contains probiotics which are good bacteria that may reduce the risk of developing gum disease and other oral problems. Milk neutralises some plaque bacterial acids that can cause cavities and decay.

Green, leafy vegetables

Leafy greens and vegetables are good sources of folic acid that promote good gum and tooth health. Broccoli for example, is a good source for vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that protect your overall health, including your smile. Green leafy vegetables also break plaque and stimulate the production of saliva.

Healthy drinks for kids and teenagers

Besides food, kids also need to take healthy drinks that promote good oral health. Less exposure to sugar means a reduced risk of cavities. Not only does water avoid constipation, but it also helps them wash away any sugar that they ate throughout the day.

Reduce the intake of unhealthy drinks

Soft drinks, juice, and energy drinks have high levels of sugar that can increase the chances of your child being overweight, obese, and suffering from tooth decay and discoloured teeth. Some of these drinks can also contain caffeine which can have a detrimental effect on your child’s energy, fatigue, concentration, and mood. dentist

Promote healthy oral habits your kids will take into adulthood!

A healthy and proper diet, along with good oral hygiene practices, are key behaviours to instill in your kids from a young age. Staying away from unhealthy foods and drinks instills better habits sooner, and ensures children can maintain healthy gums and bright, beautiful smiles. So make sure that their dental health is well taken care of by visiting your Windsor dental clinic every six months. Our principal dentist and team of hygienists will help you understand oral health through patient education and care. We have a team of dedicated professionals that can take care of your oral health for you and your whole family! Call us on (03) 9509 1500 or book an initial consultation with us today.

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