Family Dentist

Dental Care Group is a family dental clinic located in the heart of Armadale.

Offering a complete suite of dental treatments, every member of the family can visit us for tooth treatments or for regular check-ups and cleaning.

Dental Care Group is dedicated to providing comprehensive care in a welcoming and fun environment!

- New patients are welcome -

Family Dentist Armadale

Family Dentist Armadale

Family dental care

General dental care goes beyond routine teeth cleaning. Regularly visiting your family dentist Armadale can help uncover small problems before they get larger! Ensure healthy teeth and gums with a regular appointment with your dentist.

We encourage you to contact us today or come and meet the team at our family dental clinic and learn more about our dental treatments for the whole family. From prevention and care to cosmetic dentistry, our family dental clinic in Armadale can do it all.

Kids dentist in Armadale

Good oral care starts early! Paediatric dentistry focuses on mouth, teeth, and gum health in young children through to adolescents. We’ll help educate your children to develop good hygiene habits from an early age – skills that their older selves will be thankful for! Our gentle and caring approach calms even nervous little ones: from the moment you walk in, you’re made to feel at ease!

Geriatric dentistry

Even after a lifetime of good dental hygiene, older patients still need a dentist they can trust to deliver superior oral care. Dental Care Group offers older patients a variety of dental treatments, including implants, bridges, and removable bridges where we often use different materials or techniques.

We’ll help you understand your oral health with a sensitive and delicate approach.

Emergency dentist

Suffering from a toothache, inflamed gums, or broken teeth? You need an emergency dentist! When you call Dental Care Group before midday, we guarantee we’ll see you before close of business.

Call now! Outside of our regular hours, we are contactable for advice and support. You can always reach us via phone or email, 24 hrs and 7 days a week.

Family dentist for nervous patients

Many dental fears have emerged in patients due an incident experienced as a child. However, dentistry has come a long way over the years: modern techniques and today’s treatments can generally overcome most patients’ fears and reservations.

At Dental Care Group we make every effort to overcome those fears by providing gentle and caring dentistry. We do everything we can to stop our patients from experiencing pain or anxiety. With our modern techniques, we can complete dental treatment in a comfortable and even pleasant way.

If need be, we are equipped with relative analgesia, or happy gas, which is a great adjunct to our caring approach. We are also able to arrange sleep dentistry, a new solution that can help ease nervous patients.

Family Dentist Armadale