Emergency dentist Armadale

If you’re suffering from a toothache, chipped tooth, or other urgent dental problem, call Dental Care Group’s 24/7 emergency dentist for immediate support and advice.

Dental emergencies can happen with little warning, and are often accompanied by a considerable amount of pain and discomfort.

Are you:

  • Experiencing major tooth pain?

  • Struggling to eat properly?

  • Recently suffered from an accident?

  • Experiencing bleeding in your mouth?

Dr Zelman Lew

Each of these are signs of a potential dental emergency in the making. And they don’t just pop up during business hours either – dental emergencies can occur to anyone at any time of day!

Emergency dental service

That’s why Dental Care Group offers an emergency dental service to its patients.

When you call us or book an appointment online before 12pm, you’re guaranteed to see us by close of business.

We can also be reached any time for answers to your dental questions.

Got a dental emergency? Call now for 24/7 support!

Do I need an emergency dentist in Armadale?

When it comes to oral health, we have a general rule at Dental Care Group: if it hurts, it’s an emergency!

Even something as small as a chipped tooth can have severe consequences on your oral health if it’s not treated quickly or properly.

Many of our patients opt to ignore their dental pain. They conclude that since their pain isn’t life-threatening, a that a “wait-and-see” approach is better than seeking an emergency dentist.

In fact, many don’t consider it a dental emergency unless the tooth has been knocked out!
An unexpected dental pain is more than an annoyance. While the pain might be tolerable now, if left untreated, it can turn into a major problem.

For example, a minor chip has the potential to lead to tooth infections and even complete loss of the affected tooth!

Dental Care Group offers immediate treatment options that alleviate your pain and fix whatever trouble your teeth are giving you – book an emergency appointment or contact us anytime for immediate support and advice

Emergency dentist Armadale
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When the hard enamel exterior of your teeth is damaged or broken, the sensitive nerves inside your tooth are completely exposed.

This can result in unbearable tooth pain, especially when chewing food.

Additionally, it also exposes the insides of your teeth to infection, which can rot the insides of your teeth until they fall out completely.

Broken and chipped teeth can be the result of falling, biting into hard objects, or untreated tooth decay.

Whatever the cause, visit your local dentist ASAP for appropriate treatment, which may include a filling or root canal to repair the damage.

Call Emergency Dentist Armadale

Are you experiencing pain in or around your teeth?

A broken tooth is just one potential cause of tooth pain.

Other key suspects include tooth decay, plaque, or infection.

Your teeth are filled with highly sensitive nerve endings. While these nerves are normally protected by the enamel of your teeth, tooth decay wears away this outer layer, exposing the insides.

The result is a toothache.

Whatever the cause, drop by our dental clinic in Armadale to have your toothache looked at.
Trust our experienced team of professionals to prescribe a treatment that gets to the heart of your tooth pain.

Emergency Dental Clinis Armadale

If you don’t follow a proper dental hygiene routine, you may start experiencing bleeding gums. Gum inflammation and bleeding are also an early symptom of gum disease.

It mightn’t sound as urgent, but untreated gum disease can eventually lead to the loss of teeth. The gums hold your teeth in place, and gum disease weakens these gums. The result is a higher risk of tooth loss.

Gum health is also directly related to overall health.

Gum disease is common but preventable through effective dental hygiene. Our experienced team will be able to diagnose gum disease and prescribe treatments to relieve your symptoms and resolve your gum issues.

24 Hour Emergency Dental Hotline

Wisdom teeth

Your wisdom teeth erupting are almost a rite of passage!

More often than not, they’re also a cause of major dental pains.
As such, wisdom tooth removal is one of the most common dental treatments, with approximately 85% of adults needing work on their wisdom teeth at one stage or another!

Wisdom teeth cause pain when they grow incorrectly.

This is a common occurrence, as most human jaws simply don’t have the space to accommodate them without impacting on existing teeth.

They can also be difficult to brush and floss properly, leading to infection. We recommend removing your wisdom teeth sooner rather than later if they are causing you issues.

Our 24/7 dental emergency hotline

Dental emergencies can be guarded against a number of ways:

  • Regular visits to your dentist
  • Wearing a quality mouthguard when playing high-contact sports
  • A proactive dental hygiene routine

That said, we understand that dental emergencies can never be completely avoided.

That’s why our phones are open 24/7. When you have a dental emergency, we’re available to offer immediate advice and support over the phone. Call us anytime to be connected directly to our dentist.

Emergency dental treatment

When disaster strikes, don’t ignore your dental pain: delaying a visit to the dentist can result in something seemingly simple like a minor toothache quickly developing into a serious and painful infection.

Don’t wait for the discomfort to become unbearable before taking action; contact your dentist at the first sign of pain!

Book an emergency appointment with our friendly team for solutions to your oral pain, or contact us 24/7 for immediate advice.

Additionally, our principal dentist, Dr Zelman Lew, is available to answer emails and queries, and can be reached out of hours.

We believe that accessibility is of the utmost importance… especially in emergencies! We are proud to offer this service to all our patients.

If you are experiencing any type of oral pain, Dental Care Group will always be accessible for help.

Our Armadale dental clinic is located on Wattletree Road, directly across from Malvern Central.