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Cosmetic Dentist Armadale

Do you want to improve the whiteness of your teeth? Perhaps you want to know if there’s a way to reduce the appearance of gaps between the teeth? Let Dental Care Group improve your smile!

A dazzling white smile doesn’t just look good. It also:

  • Makes a great first impression

  • Improves overall dental health

  • Can work wonders for your confidence

Sometimes, brushing isn’t enough to restore your teeth to their previous state. In other cases, it mightn’t be working fast enough for you.

That’s where cosmetic dentistry from a professional comes in.
Dental Care Group is a cosmetic dentist in Armadale providing a range of treatments and techniques that will improve the look of your teeth.
Whether you want some minor blemishes removed, or are interested to learn more about crowns and veneers, we encourage you to book a consultation that:

Allows us to better understand what you want

Helps you understand the most appropriate treatment to help you achieve your desired results
Explore some of our cosmetic dental treatments below.

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Cosmetic treatments at our Armadale dental clinic

Cosmetic Dental treatments - Bridges and implants

There are several ways to replace a missing tooth. There’s the traditional partial denture, as well as newer techniques such bridges or implants.


Bridge therapies are where we essentially cover missing teeth using adhesive bridges.

These are a row of custom built healthy “teeth” that cover up gaps and fill in your smile.

Essentially, bridges are permanent dentures. The difference is that instead of removing them, bridges are permanently bonded to surrounding healthy teeth, making them much stronger and eliminating the need for wires.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are another modern method for replacing missing teeth.

Compared to other replacement treatments, implants are significantly stronger – they bond with your jawbone, leading to a stronger tooth that behaves just like the real thing.

Today, cosmetic dentists make replacing teeth with implants more accessible than ever before. This has become everyday dentistry and immediate replacements are possible, as are staged procedures that give very predictable results.

Cosmetic Dental treatments - Porcelain Veeners

  • Veneers can correct the shape, colour and position of the teeth
  • They can also protect vulnerable teeth from bacteria and damage
  • Finally, they can close small or large gaps, and can be a more cost-effective and faster substitute to orthodontics

If your front teeth are stained, chipped or misaligned, veneers can be used to give you a beautiful smile.

Think of veneers as a new “cover” for your teeth.

A veneer is a solid cover that is installed on top of an individual tooth or an entire row of teeth to give the appearance of a clean, healthy smile.

Reducing gaps between the teeth

It is possible to reduce or even completely close gaps between the teeth without resorting to orthodontics such as braces. This can be achieved with:

  • White composites during a single-visit procedure
  • Porcelain composites in a two-visit procedure

This process is called “veneering” teeth. Contact our cosmetic dentist Armadale to discuss whether veneers are appropriate for your teeth and to book your veneers appointment.

Cosmetic Dental treatments - Dental implant

If many teeth are failing and their removal becomes necessary, there are several techniques for a full arch replacement, which usually covers four or more implants.

If you would like more information, please get in touch. Our cosmetic dentists have lots of experience in these techniques and we would like to offer a complimentary examination to discuss this.

Cosmetic Dental treatments - Crowns

Crowns are often recommended for teeth that have undergone root canal therapy. Essentially, they’re like caps for your teeth, covering up decay or damage.
Crowns can be all ceramic, porcelain bonded with gold or even entirely made of gold.
Our cosmetic dentists at Dental Care Group, in consultation with you, will recommend the best type of crown that may be needed.

Cosmetic Dental treatments - Teeth whitening

In the past, teeth whitening solutions were confined to crowns or veneers.

While these treatments are still appropriate for some situations, we have also developed much more conservative and affordable techniques to whiten teeth.

Thanks to these developments, having white teeth is now more affordable and easier than ever before. However, great results start with the right technique!

There are three popular and effective non-invasive ways of whitening teeth without having to resort to fillings or crowns.

In-chair whitening

For instant results, in-chair whitening (done in a single appointment) is still the “gold standard” of teeth-whitening procedures. Powerful hydrogen peroxide solutions cut through stains and break down discolouration.

This can be achieved at our Armadale dental clinic in as little as a single one-hour appointment.

Touch-up whitening

There are also ways to “touch up” your white teeth.

Dental Care Group provides touch-up whitening on an “as needed” basis to keep the “whiteness” of your teeth up, in an economical and thorough way. Think of it as spot cleaning for your teeth!

Prices start from $169.95, with the exact technique used dependent on a variety of criteria that such as your needs, desired result, and budget.

This ensures your teeth receive appropriate treatment, without breaking the bank.

We recommend organising a consultation with our team of dentists and hygienists to determine the technique that’s right for you.

Custom and off-the-shelf take-home kits

Eager to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home?

Take-home whitening kits use a less potent mixture of the solutions we apply during in-chair whitening. While the results aren’t immediate, they can safely whiten your teeth from home.

Ask Dental Care Group about our take-home kits. We can recommend off the shelf products or custom-made whitening kits that account for what condition your teeth are in.

Cosmetic Dental treatments - Tooth coloured restorations

The cosmetic dentists Armadale at Dental Care Group believe strongly in providing high quality, comfortable tooth coloured restorations.

We believe in providing an aesthetic, long lasting, tooth coloured restoration.The types of restorations we provide are:

Bonded white fillings

Bonded white coloured fillings that are usually produced in one visit.

Unlike traditional fillings, the composite resins we use in bonded fillings fuse with your teeth – no mould, no wait time.

Ceramic fillings

Ceramic inlays and onlays that may be constructed over one visit, or alternatively constructed by our lab partners and take two visits.

Unlike traditional fillings, we use a white ceramic material that blends in perfectly with your teeth.