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Toddler teeth development: caring for your child’s teeth

Dealing with a cranky and irritable toddler? It may not always be random outbursts. One of the most common causes for irritability in little ones is a tooth eruption.

Children can experience teething as early as six months old.

They often feel pain and irritation when a tooth starts growing, which is why it’s so important that […]

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Our Armadale dentist highlights children’s dental milestones

Your child’s firsts…first steps, first words, and their first teeth are all important milestones!

Every child reaches developmental milestones at different ages.

Dental developmental milestones come about at their own unique pace. It is very important to track these events to understand how your child is growing.

Studies from the

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How to improve your children’s dental health and eating habits

The eating habits and dental care of kids and teenagers should always be a priority.

Remember when you were a kid and your parents stopped you from eating foods they deemed as unhealthy, and scare tactics like rotting teeth or even teeth that fall out?

They certainly made their point!

Those principles still apply today, as the food […]

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What you need to know if you’re a mouth breather

While those of us who grew up in the 80s might remember it as an insult, mouth breathing is actually a genuine medical term, and can have a considerable impact on your oral health.

For example, are you having trouble with a dry mouth and bad breath? It might be because you […]

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4 tips for teething babies – including their first dental visit

Any parent whose child has gone through teething knows that it often comes with many a sleepless night spent caring for a cranky, tearful, and irritable baby.

Teething is an unavoidable physical milestone where a child’s first teeth gradually erupt between 6 and 12 months (and it’s usually followed by baby’s

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What should you do when your child breaks a tooth?

As your child grows, their ability to play and freely explore the surrounding world grows, as does their natural curiosity.

Ask any parent, and they’ll tell you that scrapes and bruises are just part and parcel of raising a young child. One thing that not quite as many parents consider however is […]

4 common questions parents ask their family dentist in Armadale

Children thrive in routines. And we aren’t just talking about your morning routine, either – it’s just as important that you make good habits into a routine while your kids are young. Trust us, it’ll pay off when they grow older!

Good oral hygiene […]

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5 ways to get stubborn family members to your Armadale dentist!

Struggling to get your family to go to an overdue dental appointment? 

Has the mere mention of the “D-word” led to tantrums from certain family members? (Adults included!)

We’re certain that those of us with kids – as well as some of us with stubborn spouses – can relate!

All […]

How to help kids overcome their fear of the family dentist

Visiting the dentist can be frightening to children, especially if it is their first time.

Helping kids conquer their anxiety doesn’t just make it easier to talk them into attending their annual check-up – it will also ALSO help improve their dental health in the long run.

Of course, as with […]

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How to get your kids to brush: 6 tips from a dentist in Armadale

“Eat your veggies!”

“Wash your hands!”

“Do your homework!”

As any parent knows, there are some things that are almost impossible to convince your kids to do.

And one of the most important? Brushing their teeth!

How many times have you tried to convince your children to brush […]

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