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5 reasons why you need a family dentist in Armadale

Dentist in Armadale
Are you constantly having to book overdue or delayed dental appointments for each member of the family? Are you trying to convince a stubborn family member to go to the dentist? Or are you fighting your fear of seeing a dentist yourself? Luckily for you, there\’s a family dentist in Armadale who can help you and your family get the right dental solutions for any kind of issues – including dental emergencies (whenever they may strike!) If you want to ensure healthy teeth and gums for your whole family, then book your appointments with a family dentist who offers a range of dental treatments for you and your family members. Save the number of our dentist in Armadale on (03) 9509 1500 or book your dental appointment today!  

What are the benefits of a family dentist?

Fear and our daily schedule are two reasons that often prevent people from going to the dentist. You may find it difficult to manage the fears and reservations of your family members, especially of children, in going to the dentist. While other members of the family might simply excuse themselves from booking an appointment because they always seem to be too busy! Family dentists offer a suite of treatments, each tailored to meet the needs of every member of the family. Best of all, we’re also contactable at any time, ensuring you can truly rely on our emergency dental clinic in Armadale for immediate support and advice. There are a whole heap of reasons you should choose a family dentist; a few of our favourites are listed below.

1. It’s easier then having multiple dentists

Booking yourself in at one dentist while your kids have their separate dental appointments can be a bit of a hassle. Wouldn’t it be easier to rely on a single dentist for every family member? Between kids’ busy schedules and our day-to-day, it can truly make things a whole lot easier! A family dentist can help you understand everything about every member of your family\’s oral health, from brushing, flossing, nutrition, and arranging family dental schedules. Different family members have different dental requirements and one of the easiest things to do is entrust all members to one family dentist in Armadale. A family dentist can help you track your family\’s oral health, from urgent dental treatments to organising your next dental check-up.

2. They can help the whole family learn good oral habits

Establishing good oral habits, especially for kids, can be tough! A family dentist can guide you in taking care of your child\’s oral health, such as teaching brushing techniques and telling you about foods to eat in moderation. Teaching your child good oral habits such as brushing, flossing, and drinking plenty of water may be challenging unless being taught by a dentist who their whole family trusts. If you\’re having a hard time convincing your child to go to the dentist, then visiting the dentist at an early age can make them more familiar with the functions and benefits of dental visits. They also learn by example, so show them the dentist is actually a safe space by booking in your own appointments, too!

3. They know your family’s dental history

Do you have any idea about your family\’s dental history? Your dentist keeps records on each family member\’s dental history as well as any conditions like gingivitis, gum problems, and any previous dental treatments. A centralised dental history also provides your dentist with a holistic view of your family. This can help them identify patterns, trends, or concerns. Some oral health issues can be traced to genetics; though not common, this also helps your dentist create an integrated view of your family.

4. They eliminate any dental anxiety

Avoidance and delay of dental treatments can often come from having dental anxiety or bad dental experiences in the past. A family-friendly dentist can help kids overcome any fear and anxiety. Family dentists play a big part in creating a comfortable clinical atmosphere for kids to feel happy, safe, and comfortable. Before going to the dentist, brief your children of what’s ahead in a casual, low-key manner. In short, don’t make a big deal about it! Put dentists in a positive light, explaining to children that these friendly people are here to make sure our teeth and smiles are healthy, strong, and bright! Most importantly, when seeing a family dentist, your children will feel more comfortable getting treatment from a dentist that their parents also see. Need more advice? We’ve written this guide to helping your kids overcome their fear of the dentist.  

What should I look for in a family dentist?

Improving your family\’s oral health starts by finding the right family dentist. Not only do you need someone who you can trust, but you need a family dentist whose expertise covers all dental treatments, from a baby or toddler\’s first dental appointment through to geriatrics. So, what should you look for in a family dentist?

Expertise and qualifications

Different dentists have various dental specialties. It’s best to look for a family dentist who specialises in providing care for all ages of all family members. Family dentists provide general, preventive, and comprehensive dental treatments for people of all ages.

Advanced technology and treatments

Modern dental technology is designed to create seamless, effective, and comfortable dental services. Whether you’re after cosmetic dental treatments in Armadale or need restorative dentistry, the technology used is almost as important as the skill of your dental professional. Dental Care Group invests heavily in advanced technology, leveraging new systems to deliver the best dental treatments and care.

A friendly and comfortable atmosphere

If you have young kids, you may need to look for a family dentist who understands the importance of creating a friendly, gentle, and comfortable atmosphere. Family dentists know how first-time patients, especially kids, can experience anxiety leading up to a dental visit. From the moment your child walks into the clinic, it’s our goal to make them feel welcome and content, ensuring they feel welcomed and accepted. Family  

Looking for the right family dentist?

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Our family dentist in Armadale provides various dental procedures for all family members, no matter their age! Dr Zelman Lew of Dental Care Group offers a variety of treatments, from regular check-ups, to teeth whitening and teeth restoration in Armadale. You can be sure that you\’ll experience a friendly and welcoming atmosphere from our team at our family dental clinic in Armadale. Call us today if you’ve got any questions on (03) 9509 1500. Alternatively, you can book an appointment online now. We look forward to welcoming you to our state-of-the-art dental clinic!

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