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Bleeding gums? You may have gum disease!

Oral health is about more than just your teeth – healthy gums are also a vital part of the equation that often get overlooked.

It’s believed gum disease affects around 20% of Australian adults and is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in the world. Gum disease comes in two stages:


Characterised by plaque build-up around where the teeth meet the gums, which causes irritation, swollen and bleeding in the gums.


If not treated, gingivitis can weaken the parts of the gum which hold the teeth in place

There’s good news though: gum disease can be prevented easily! And it only takes a handful of minor changes to how you take care of your mouth.

Improve your oral hygiene: how do I fight off gum disease?

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

The simplest way to keep your gums healthy is to have a healthy mouth!

While brushing your teeth regularly will give you a leg-up against gum disease, there are many additional tips, tricks and tools you can use to make sure your gums stay healthy and save your smile! Here are just a couple that we recommend.

Use an electric toothbrush

In the past, we’ve blogged about the advantages an electric toothbrush offers over a traditional toothbrush and how to go about selecting the right one.

There’s a lot to keep in mind when selecting the right electric toothbrush. At Dental Care Group, our dental health professionals can get you started with expert advice about which brush to select as well as brushing techniques you can implement to make the change.

The importance of a suitable electric toothbrush cannot be overstated. An electric brush can clean your teeth much more effectively than a standard toothbrush and is an important tool when it comes to preventing the onset of gum disease.

Use anti-bacterial mouth rinse and toothpaste

Gum disease can be traced to bacteria overstaying its welcome in your mouth.

As it accumulates, bacterial plaque solidifies and weakens the gums.

Bacteria build-up can be prevented through the use of antibacterial dental products such as toothpaste and mouth rinse. These products will go a long way in protecting your mouth, gums, and teeth.

If you need advice about what types of products work most effectively, Dental Care Group can offer a professional insight into how to select the right toothpaste and mouthwash and how to make the most effective use of these products.

Between-teeth cleaning

Another risk factor in gum disease happens in the gaps between your teeth.

When you brush your teeth, it’s easy to miss these hard-to-reach spaces and allow plaque to build up.

In addition to brushing your teeth thoroughly, dentists recommend regular flossing, pixtering, or electric flossing (with an electric flosser) as part of your oral care routine.

While focusing on gum health, it’s also crucial to address related issues like tooth sensitivity, a common problem that can indicate underlying oral health concerns and requires professional attention and care.

Oral hygiene products from your dentist South Yarra

At Dental Care Group, because we believe so wholeheartedly in providing the “right tool for the job”, we have a large range of oral hygiene products that we can tailor to our patient’s needs and particular situations.

Further, we source these items from suppliers around the world, and sell them at cost, so that not only do we have the very best particular products, but we have them for the very best prices!

Dietary change and gum disease

“Stop eating so much sugar; you’ll rot your teeth off!”

Most of us would probably admit to ignoring this parental wisdom.

In this case however, mum and dad really did know best! Certain types of bacteria feed on sugar so sugar-heavy diets can contribute to a thicker layer of plaque in the mouth.

However, food isn’t always villain here. In fact, some types of food serve to help your gums and teeth stay healthy:

Vitamin C

Foods with high vitamin C content such as Oranges, strawberries and broccoli strengthen your gums and produce collagen, which is essential in regenerating/repairing gums


Foods such as apples, berries and grapes are like superheroes in oral health, directly fighting bacteria.

Adjusting your diet can go a long way towards healthy gums!

Lifestyle change

In addition to diet, your lifestyle can also play a role in your dental health.

We all know about the damage tobacco causes our teeth. But how many know about its effect on our gums?

Tobacco causes extreme damage to your gums, with smokers being almost six times as likely to develop gum diseases.

Kicking the habit won’t just benefit your overall health – and that includes a healthier mouth and a better smile!

For help quitting smoking, you can contact Quitline.

dentist armadale

Bleeding gums? Let Dental Care Group in Armadale take care of you!

Don’t be afraid to consult your oral health experts. Regular check-ups can mean the difference between a healthy mouth and a mouth riddled with gum disease.

At Dental Care Group, we can identify and prevent gum disease early!

We believe in preventing dental problems by promoting dental education, preventative care and hygiene programs. If you are looking for a supportive dental clinic to guide you through your oral hygiene issues and look after your gums, Dental Health Group is here for you.

Call one of our friendly team on (03) 9509 1500 to book your appointment. Alternatively, you can book online.

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