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Tooth trauma? Here’s what you should do to save your teeth

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Tooth Trauma is unsettling and can be problematic and uncomfortable. 

Whether it\’s a broken tooth or an injury-related accident, tooth trauma can happen anytime. 

Most of the time it can require immediate attention from an emergency dentist in Melbourne!

Ignoring your tooth injury or waiting until the pain goes away by itself will not only compromise your oral health but will also put your injured tooth in danger.

Not to mention, most of the time, the pain lingers without professional intervention.

Long story short? If you’ve recently experienced dental trauma, you need emergency toothache relief.

What is dental trauma?

Injury. Damage. Accidents. Sports injuries. Dental trauma refers to any unexpected physical injury or accident that affects your gums, teeth, and soft tissues in your mouth.

Dental trauma is often caused by:

  • Sports accidents
  • Car accidents
  • Falls and trips
  • Biting down something hard 
  • Sometimes innocuous events like swimming pool edges or event children rough-housing.

Some of these are quite painful, some have no pain associated with them.  However, these incidents require a dental examination to work out the best course of action.

It isn’t just the “accident” you may need to contend with, often, when dental trauma happens, your teeth become more vulnerable to future damage, sensitivity, and infection.

Just another reason why you need to call your dentist in Armadale ASAP!

Different types of dental trauma can present themselves in your teeth depending on the cause and the extent of the damage, some of which are:

  • Teeth fractures or chips
  • Teeth knocked out 
  • Teeth loose
  • Jaw fracture
  • Lips laceration
  • Gums laceration

Can a tooth heal itself after trauma?

One common mistake that people believe during a tooth trauma is that they don\’t need a dentist in Prahran to help them treat their broken tooth.

Many just assume that it’ll heal by itself. While it’s true that your body is surprisingly good at healing on its own, there are some things that need a little bit of professional help to ensure it goes smoothly!

Patients who experience dental trauma will need to act immediately so that they\’ll have a higher chance of recovery.

A damaged tooth cannot be repaired on its own as the natural repair mechanism of the teeth can only go so far.

Is there any urgency in having the injury examined?

The best way to maximise your chances for recovery is to seek out treatment immediately.

Of course, the best way to know the extent of the problem is to have the tooth examined and appropriate X Rays taken..

Depending on the condition of your tooth as well as what treatment your dentist in Armadale prescribes, nearly always your dentist in Armadale will stop the toothache (if there is one) and conduct “running repairs” so that your teeth will work well straight away and look normal as well. There may be follow up treatment, but it will be in a timely and comfortable way..

What to do if you get hit in the tooth?

Tooth trauma is something that can come as a surprise. One day you\’re playing cricket with your friends, and the next moment, you may find yourself suffering from dental pain from the ball or bat.

Alternatively, you may simply be enjoying eating your favourite foods when you suddenly hear it – crack! – and you realise that you have a broken tooth.

Whatever reason, the end result is the same: a damaged tooth and perhaps some pain..

So what do you do?

Don’t panic

Dental trauma is a surprise, to be sure – not to mention, in many cases it can also be quite shocking and confronting (especially if it’s the result of a fall or a sports accident).

However, panicking will do you no good!

It’s a lot easier said than done – panic is the natural reaction, after all. If you can however, do your best to remain calm and let your dentist guide you on what you should do next.

To help with this, it’s best to keep the number of your local Malvern dentist saved to your phone – they’ll help you get through your dental emergency.

dentist in armadale

Do not rinse excessively.  Broken pieces of tooth.

In the lead-up to your emergency appointment, it’s a good idea to rinse your mouth out once if needed, but find a clean cloth or gauze and press gently on any areas that may be bleeding..

Sometimes when there has been a trauma, there may be pieces of broken tooth, or there may even be an entire tooth knocked out.  Whether it is a piece of broken tooth or an entire tooth, these pieces of tooth/teeth, should be carefully collected.  Rather than let the pieces or teeth simply dry out, they should be placed in a container or some sort and covered with a liquid.  A common liquid that is ideal is milk.  However, if milk is unavailable, the patient’s own saliva works well as a travel medium.  Even placing some water in the patient’s mouth, to then ‘swish” for a minute or so and getting them to spit it into the container will work.  Remember just enough to cover the pieces is sufficient.

Immediate contact with your dentist and an appointment to reimplant this tooth or teeth may mean the difference between keeping the tooth, perhaps for life or losing that tooth and needing to replace it with an implant, bridge or denture.

There is even urgency in bonding back pieces of tooth that may have been knocked out, and time is of the essence here as well.

Our practice principle here at Dental Care Group can be contacted directly 24/7 via the practice phone number 03 9509 1500.

Go to your dentist in Armadale ASAP!

While there are some things you can do in the interim, when it comes to dental trauma, the best thing you can do is get in touch with a professional as soon as you can for treatment.

It’s your teeth we’re talking about, after all – the last thing you want to do is make a decision that ends up affecting your smile and ability to eat!

There\’s nothing more important to ensuring that you get the right treatment during a tooth trauma.

What dental treatments are available for dental trauma?

Depending on the nature and type of trauma, your dentist in Armadale will need to examine your teeth to assess what best treatment will fit in your situation. 

An immediate dental exam is needed for your dentist to ensure that your neighbouring teeth will not be affected by the injury., as well as determine what the best way of dealing with the affected tooth is.

Appropriate X Rays need to be taken as a baseline after trauma, this is so subsequent X rays have something to relate back to, and can be critical in the diagnosis of potential problems.  Our dentist in Armadale will take these X rays when the trauma is being assessed.

Some available dental treatments are:

  • Dental fillings for fractured and chipped teeth
  • Root canal to soothe damaged nerves 
  • Tooth crowns for split tooth condition
  • Re-implantation of knocked out teeth
  • Dental implant if required

Need an emergency dentist for tooth trauma? Call our Armadale dentist today!

If there\’s discomfort or a question in your mind, there\’s a dental emergency!

And as an emergency, this calls for immediate attention from a dental expert.

If you or anyone in your family is suffering from discomfort from a broken, chipped or damaged tooth, the best thing to do is call your local dentist right away.

You can book or call us before midday on a business day, and we\’ll guarantee to see you before close of business!

Schedule a visit to your Armadale dentist today by calling (03) 9509 1500 or book an appointment online today!

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