Dental Treatments in Armadale

Dr Lew and the Dental Care Group team offer a range of dental treatments that promote oral care, hygiene, and overall wellbeing. Our contemporary dental treatments in our state-of-the-art Armadale dental clinic ensure complete oral care for patients of all ages!

From regular check-ups and cleaning to sports mouthguards and teeth grinding, general dentistry can help identify smaller dental problems before they manifest. Through regular check-ups, you can maintain optimum oral health.

The whole family should be visiting the dentist every six months – so book an appointment today!

Rapid and immediate care is available when you call our emergency dentist!

Got a toothache, bleeding gums, or damaged teeth? It sounds like you need a dentist now! Better yet, when you call before 12pm, we’re guaranteed to see you by close of business.

For other urgent matters, rest assured that Dental Care Group is committed to providing its customers with 24/7 dental care and advice. Call our emergency dental hotline now!

Crowns and veneers are no longer the only ways to whiten your teeth. In-chair and take-home whitening treatments can drastically improve the look of your pearly whites. View our cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Not sure which cosmetic treatment is right for you? Book a consultation with Dental Care Group and we can explore your options.

Whether it’s through decay or trauma, Dental Care Group can restore chipped, broken, or infected teeth. We can also remove and replace old silver amalgam (silver fillings) with a resin or porcelain restoration. Find out more about restorative dentistry from Dental Care Group.

Endodontics is more commonly known as root canal treatment and is focused on the dental pulp. When the pulp or nerve is infected, it causes pain. Root canal treatment removes the infected pulp and replaces it with a biocompatible filling material.

Did you know that tooth and gum infections can lead to a range of medical conditions, including diabetes, kidney disease, and even heart disease? Find out more about the right brushing and flossing techniques as well as other oral hygiene habits that maintain a healthy mouth.