Here in Australia, we see more and more young children with cavity and dental problems. Therefore, dentists recommend starting oral hygiene at a very early age, even before the first tooth appears or when the baby reaches their first birthday.

Kids Dentist in Armadale

When to first visit your Kids Dentist in Armadale?

Years ago, the recommendation of the pediatricians was to perform the first dental examination when the milk teeth, consisting of 20 teeth, were complete, that is, around three years old. However, the presence of dental problems in children under 3 years have forced specialists to change the recommendation at 12 months, in order to establish preventive measures. After the first dental visit, oral hygiene and prevention must be carried out, if all goes well, dental visits once a year is good enough.

The first visit of children to the dentist

When it is time to go to the dentist, parents should strive to convey to their child a sense of confidence and security. It is necessary that the child and the dentist have a good relationship and do not create fears or fears from the beginning.

Thus the need for a family dentist you can trust. A family dentist that is kids friendly and will cater to nervous patients. Here at Dental Care Group, we specialize in children. We have developed a special work system for children with fear of the dentist.

We invite you to bring your children to our Armadale dental clinic to evaluate them early and apply the necessary measures to prevent tooth decay and all the problems that develop from it.

Examine the baby’s teeth

A Kids dentist in Armadale will do a checkup of teeth and gums, see if cavities exist, will evaluate possible problems such as crossed bite, open or growth alterations and will initiate a history on the medical and dental history of the child. It is time to correct bad habits on time and introduce good cleaning habits early on.

It is good to have the habit of regularly examining the baby’s teeth. Keep in mind that healthy teeth have a uniform white color. If you see spots or spots on the teeth, it is convenient that you advance the visit to the dentist.