When a patient loses a tooth, he does not have to worry too much, since in the market there are several treatments that are presented as solutions to “recover” the lost tooth. One of the most commonly used treatments is the dental bridge, which is basically a union of several dental crowns that allows to fix the lack of a tooth (or several)

The placement of a dental bridge is a cosmetic dental treatment, since it will improve the image of the patient’s smile, but it will also be very useful when providing the patient with a new tooth with which to chew with greater ease.

Dental bridges only serve to cover natural teeth and spaces, but they do not solve hygiene or oral health problems , so if there is a cavity for example, it must be treated by your dentist Armadale before they can place the bridge.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is basically an artificial tooth made to measure for the patient. The crown is hollow on the inside, since it is placed fitting like a “helmet” on a natural tooth previously carved. It is used to replace it in case it is broken or weakened. In this way it is possible to have a new stronger tooth a nice one.

How is a Dental Bridge put?

The procedure of placing a dental bridge is similar to that of a dental crown or sheath . The difference is that in this case, they will actually be placed several at a time, and several teeth at the same time.

The dentist will take measurements of the patient’s teeth using molds to make the complete dental bridge and that it fits perfectly.

The bridge consists of three crowns , two on the sides, which are hollow, and one in the center (dental section) that will be the substitute for the lost tooth. The crowns on the sides should be placed on the natural teeth that are on both sides of the space left by the missing tooth. To place them, it is necessary to carve the patient’s natural teeth to reduce them and that they can fit in the hollow space inside the dental crown.

There are cases in which dental bridges formed by more than three crowns can be made.

How long is a Dental Bridge?

The duration will depend on the patient’s habits, although in principle a dental bridge can last a lifetime. What is recommended is to perform good oral hygiene to prevent deterioration by possible food remains embedded between the crowns and / or gums, and also not perform actions that may put at risk the support of the dental bridge, such as chewing very hard foods or hold objects tightly with the dental bridge, such as holding a bottle cap to open it.

Prices of Dental Bridges:

To get an idea of how much a dental bridge costs, we must take into account a series of variables, since not all bridges are the same.

To begin, the bridges are formed by crowns, as we have already explained, so depending on the number and material of the crowns the price can vary a lot. Each crown can be made of metal, metal-porcelain, porcelain or zirconium. Metal being the cheapest and zirconium the most expensive.

The price per dental crown can therefore range between € 250 and € 500 depending on whether they are made of metal, porcelain, or zirconium. These prices are for individual crowns , so the more crowns the bridge has, the more expensive it will be. Remember that at least one dental bridge consists of three crowns.