No matter how small the chipped piece of tooth is, professional dentists do not recommend using home remedies such as files to fix them as they could complicate the situation further. It is recommended for you to call an emergency dentist Armadale for these instances.

There are many cases where a stroke or an accident can break a piece of one of our teeth so that we worsens smile aesthetics and in some severe cases may even become painful. Depending on the piece of tooth that has been splintered can use either rehabilitation or technical solution for dental restoration in any case will be the dentist who will choose the dental treatment to be applied once the patient has come to his dental office as quickly as possible . We review the procedure of action and the possible solutions before a chipped tooth.

How to solve a chipped tooth?

When we notice that a tooth has been chipped, we must contact our dental clinic in Barcelona to tell them what happened and to make a first approximation of the diagnosis that determines the severity of the case. In situations where breakage causes is so great that it causes pain will need to go as fast as possible to the dentist, since the root might have been exposed and may need root canal treatment.

Once the dentist has observed the situation of broken tooth and determines that the splintered piece is important, decide to repair the tooth with a composite filling in the event that the fracture has not reached the nerve.

Normally for dental reconstruction , the dentist will resort to the resin to create a small mold of the color of the tooth that will imitate the lost piece and will harden thanks to the action of high intensity light. In cases where the chipped portions are very large, the most suitable solution will be the dental veneers.

piece of broken toothIn cases where the chipped piece is very small, the dentist will have two possible treatments to apply. On the one hand, you can decide to polish the tooth without damaging it to restore the ideal contour, or, on the other hand, apply a minimum of remodeling with dental composite to restore the proper shape and aesthetics.

In any case, from Propdental we recommend that in the event of a tooth splinter you get in touch with our dentists in Barcelona to tell them what happened and to start the protocol indicated according to the severity of what happened.