Dental care in elderly people requires some special considerations. During the third age, we people are more likely to suffer a series of oral problems as a result of the aging process or the inability to maintain good oral health by themselves.

These factors, together with the lack of education, make them ignore dental problems such as tooth decay or dental infection until there is no other alternative than extraction.

Teeth loss, periodontal disease and other dental concerns of the elderly

Before losing the teeth, the elderly experience an increase in tooth sensitivity or discoloration due to the loss of enamel and dentin (the calcareous tissue beneath the enamel), or the deterioration of the dental roots due to shrinkage. of the gums . The elderly are more prone to periodontal disease caused by improper hygienic practice, a poor diet, poor fixation of dentures or diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

In fact, the bone structure that supports the teeth, including the jaw, can change, which causes havoc in the bite of older people and contributes to tooth decay. Older children also tend to have inflammation of the gums, dry mouth (often caused by medicines), or oral candidiasis (a fungal disease).

Dental hygiene for the elders

Brushing, flossing and oral rinsing are the best allies to maintain good oral health throughout life and also in old age. You can use special toothbrushes to brush areas of difficult access.

You must also know the warning symptoms that your mouth transmits that tell you that the teeth or gums may be in danger. These include tooth sensitivity, teeth grinding, pain, oral ulcers, lumps, swelling, loss of teeth, jaw sound, difficulty in quenching thirst, swallowing or chewing and oral dryness.

Family Dentist for the elderly

Choose a trusted family dentist in Armadale as much as you can. Visit the dentist as regularly as directed. They will provide you with proper dental hygiene, cure dental problems and provide necessary bridges. If you have difficulty brushing your teeth or flossing, discuss it with your dentist to recommend the indicated products that will facilitate the maintenance of good oral hygiene.

Think about visiting your dentist before and after having surgeries, even if they are not oral. Talk to your dentist about the medicines you take , whatever they are for.