A chipped or broken tooth are one of the instances where you badly need an emergency dentist Armadale because in cause other oral injuries.

It is important to have knowledge of the repair of these broken teeth when we are faced with this type of situation. A broken tooth can alter the aesthetics of the person, as well as the correct oral functionality . So, it is good to know that there are different restorative treatments to solve this common problem.

The specialist dentist must check how far the damage of the fracture of the tooth arrives, depending on the level of affectation, it is necessary to carry out one type of treatment or another.

Depending on the level of involvement of the breakage of a tooth, one may or may not feel pain, sensitivity or some discomfort. In any case, it is important to go to your Armadale dentist to repair the tooth by the most appropriate treatment.

One of the possible solutions are dental adhesives , which refers to one of the procedures for repairing teeth by using a composite resin. This resin material can be perfectly adapted to the natural color of the rest of teeth in the mouth.

This material allows to seal fissures, as well as to repair broken tooth. It is the simplest, most economical treatment and requires the least number of visits to the dentist. However, it also has its drawbacks, it is a less resistant material compared to others such as porcelain, and can acquire pigments with the passage of time.

Another option is to make a dental crown on the fractured tooth. This treatment is indicated when the fracture is deeper and we want to save the tooth. The dental crown refers to a cap that covers the entire tooth, giving the shape and color we want. They are made of metal and metal with aesthetic ceramic coating to go unnoticed and natural tooth appearance. The dental crown requires more visits to the dentist, but the results are highly satisfactory and it is a very durable treatment.

Also, if the level of the fracture in very small can opt for the placement of dental veneers , which are sheets that adhere to the external face of the tooth offering the desired shape and color, thanks to a minimum tooth cut.

In some cases, the fracture can be so deep that it can affect the dental nerve. In these cases, the nerve is infected and requires a previous conduit treatment, clinically known as dental endodontics. This treatment consists of disinfecting the nerve of the tooth and sealing it with a filling material to save the tooth. Next, the tooth is covered by restorative treatment, filling or dental crown.

There are more serious situations, when the fracture of the tooth extends below the gum, the most appropriate treatment is the extraction of the tooth and the subsequent placement of a dental implant . The implant is a cylindrical piece of titanium that is osseointegrated to the bone, later, a crown is placed on top, managing to recover the aesthetics and functionality of the tooth.