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Our dentist in Armadale shares what to expect at baby’s first dental appointment

When it comes to your child’s milestones, there are a couple that stand out in particular, including their first word, first steps, and first day at school. One milestone that often gets overlooked, however, is [...]

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Your dentist in Armadale highlights the signs of unhealthy gums

When most people talk oral health, they’re referring to their teeth. While your pearly whites are no doubt important, they’re not the only thing in your mouth you need to look after. A problem in [...]

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Ouch – bleeding gums! Our Armadale dentist explains gingivitis & periodontitis

Have you noticed your gums bleed after brushing your teeth? After brushing or flossing, bleeding gums may reveal themselves.  Although somewhat common, this may sometimes be the first symptom of oral health problems.  Further, you [...]

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Nervous? An Armadale dentist explains how sleep dentistry relieves dental phobias

A fear of dentists is one of the most common phobias out there: according to some statistics, high dental fear affects one in seven Australians. In some cases, the fear is so deep that some [...]

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What are the most common geriatric dental problems?

Australians are getting older. As we age, so do our bodies. Greying hair, crow’s feet and of course, tooth loss are some of the classic issues that come with old age. Fortunately, dental health has [...]

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Our Armadale dentist explains issues associated with mouth breathing in adults

Believe it or not, mouth breathing is a serious oral health problem that affects not only your mouth, but your entire body. Despite its importance however, mouth breathing is often completely overlooked as an oral [...]

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