A smile with pealy white teeth always produces a better impression than one that is not so much. This is why, in recent years, the demand teeth whitening has increased.

But do we know what it is? How is it done? What dangers to avoid or what care should we have? Here are 10 fundamental tips given by a dentist Armadale if you are getting/planning to get your teeth whiten.

1.- Teeth whitening is a dental treatment, it is not a merely aesthetic treatment that can be done anywhere. It should be done by a professional dentist who will be the one to assess your oral health and other health prerequisites that you must fulfill before taking the treatment.

2.- The dentist will be the one that selects the right teeth whitening technique to use: treatment in the clinic, at home, self-applying bleaching agents, but always under the strict control of the dentist. You can visit the specialist every week, every fortnight, etc., depending on the case.

3.- The professional must make a prior diagnosis. The dentist will then control everything  and make sure all works correctly, that there is no danger neither for the gums, nor for the soft tissues, nor for the teeth.

4.- Normally, teeth whitening is not painful. It is possible that some patient with extreme sensitivity may feel pain, but if it occurs as the sensitivity to an ice cream or a very cold drink then there is a problem. Sometimes it is necessary to make some kind of measure, either to modify the treatment regimen or to use mouthwashes or toothpastes that help to reduce the sensitivity and disappear.

5.- Teeth whitening can damage the enamel if not correctly. But if teeth whitening is carried out correctly following the instructions of the dentist, a safe product is used, with a sanitary regulation, sold by appropriate companies, the enamel will not be damaged.

6.- It is forbidden by law to sell bleaching products directly to patients online. If it is done online, it is a crime. You should first seek a consultation with your dentist before given appropriate bleaching products. In addition, all whitening done in an unauthorised place (that is, a place that is not a dental clinic) can have serious consequences for our mouth. Teeth whitening Armadale must only take place at a state-of-the-art dental clinic such as ours at Dental Care Group.

7.- One of the main factors that makes the color of the teeth darken is the passage of time. If a tooth is bleached, it will eventually darken again (not as the initial state but will darken). In order for this degree of whitening to last over time, maintenance measures must be taken and regular check-ups is a must.

8.- There are also foods and drinks that influence the color of the teeth before, during and after the teeth whitening process. We must avoid drinks that stain as well as control the diets with foods with a lot of coloring.

9.- We must also avoid smoking. But if you smoke, whitening can be much less effective. In people who smoke or chew tobacco, combined with poor oral hygiene, it is easier for the tooth to darken. This type of obscuration is less important than that which occurs to other types of factors since this is externally. The serious colors of the teeth are associated with factors that obscure the tooth from within, such as diseases, taking medication, dental problems that cause the tooth to modify the color in a more severe way …

10.- And one last myth that we must banish is about whitening toothpastes. There are no whitening toothpastes, they simply return the tooth to its original color but they do not bleach. The real bleaching pastes can not be bought in pharmacies, in large areas or on the Internet because they are whitening products in the form of paste and they can bleach, but a dentist must provide them and explain the way of handling.